Link to identify one email thread


It would be great to have (at least for us) a way to link (in form of URL) one email thread, so we can add this URL in our web ERP to link one task, order, invoice … with an email thread in eM Client.

For example, this could be an URL to link to an email: emclient://account/folder/email-uid

Then, we can copy&paste this link in the ERP, and after that, we can click on this link and this open eM Client and open the email directly.


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I’d really like this feature too. It would be very helpful to be able to get a link to a specific email thread that I can paste somewhere such as a document or task tracking apps. Then I can simply click on a link in a document, calendar event, or task item to go to eM Client and read the related email chain instead of going to eM Client and searching through dozens of emails trying to find the specific thread. Currently I print eM Client email chains to pdf and paste them into my other apps as needed. A link would be much more useful.


You may be able to do this from the webmail interface for your email account.

That is true, however if you’re dealing with multiple gmail accounts, the user # in the link can change over time and the link won’t work anymore. Not a big deal because all you have to do is change the # in the link to the new user id.

I was looking for a local url or code that would open eM Client and reference a specific email or email thread. Is there a way to open eM Client via a command with a switch and a reference code that would open the app to a specific email or thread?

There is no way to do that in eM Client. Sorry.

Any way to add this to a feature request? I’d like it as well.

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Why there’s no way to do that in eM Client ? I think it’s really easy.

You only need to create a new protocol handler, like mailto: … for example, emclient:

Then, get the arguments, for example, by ConversationId from conversations.dat database and account id. Then just open that email from database and show it the same way like opening a .eml file.

For me, this should be: emclient:86eec226-4ac3-453b-a7e1-35d338c43606/6bc5a092-73af-4409-9ff9-8f00b22298dc

86eec226-4ac3-453b-a7e1-35d338c43606 is the account id in disk folder. 6bc5a092-73af-4409-9ff9-8f00b22298dc is the conversationId in Conversations table.

OK, maybe it’s a bit more complex, but not much more.

I don’t want to use webmail, because the reason to purchase eM Client is to avoid using webmail clients.

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