Link to email from task

I would like to be able to link directly to the email when I create a task out of an email. I realize that this has been asked for periodically since 2013. I am guessing it has not been implemented yet? I also realize that the text of the email is included, but a link would be nice as well.


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It is not possible, sorry.

When you say “it’s not possible”, do you mean this is a physical impossibility in the universe or “we are not going to do this”?

I was thinking each email could get a “message ID” and then you have link or button in the task that let you “search for the message ID”. So it wouldn’t be so much a direct link to the email as it was a search for the email.



Primarily there is no standard for such a thing in the task specifications.

Without an RFC standard, your calendar provider won’t offer a field for that, so it is not possible.