Link an email to a calendar event

Hi, I want to suggest a new feature linking an email received to a calendar event created.

When I get an email notice from my company about some event, I create a calendar event (both email and calendar are synced to my Gmail account). Sometimes the created calendar event needs to contain the whole of the email received because i) it has the attachment files, and/or ii) it consists of the embedded image only, like an event flyer.

There are two ways that the eM Client already supports for the above case, but each method shows a certain issue:

i) Copy email body to the description of the created calendar event: this can be done by using “Create Meeting from Message” in the context menu of the email, or by the drag-and-drop of the email to the calendar event window.
→ This method cannot handle the “embedded” images (img scr = cid …) so that the event saved cannot show the images when opening in the calendar window. As you know, this is a well-known problem for most of third-party email clients when they have to deal with something like forwarding.

ii) Save the email as .eml file and attach to the calendar event
→ This method brings some hassle when the calendar is synced to the web account like Gmail. After opening the created event in the calendar window of eM Client, I can open the attached .eml file, but the file does not open by/in the same eM Client. Instead, a web browser opens and connects me to the download link for the .eml file because it’s already synced to the Gmail account.

So, I just want to suggest a simple feature to connect a certain email to a designated calendar event. This function doesn’t have to have the online feature to sync. My best imagination at this moment is, when I create a calendar event, I can assign a specific email among the emails in my inbox. I don’t know much but something like the email header would likely help the assignment. Once the calendar event is created, I can open it in the calendar window of eM Client then click an assigned button(?); the calendar window now returns to the email window and instantly blink/show the assigned email.