Line Spacing problem

Hello, I’m currently having a problem with line spacing. When I compose a new e-mail, the signature inserted looks OK, see Fig. 1. But when I reply to any e-mail using the same signature template, the line spacing is much bigger, see Fig. 2. I haven’t found any tool to adjust a line spacing in e-mails. Any idea how to handle this problem? Thanks in advance, Michal.

Hi Michal, unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the line-height/line-spacing using the current options in eM Client.
This issue is most likely caused by different formatting on the recipient’s side, on replying to his/her message eM Client uses the formatting of the received message which has been changed using a different email client.

You should be able to remove the formatting using the “remove formatting” (crossed out abc) feature while composing your email which should reset the line-height as well.

Hope this helps.