Line breaks missing in sent emails

Between the 23rd and 31st of March, something happened that caused double line breaks to be removed from copied text in sent emails.

I’ve seen that this issue happened last year as well and was fixed in a version 8 beta but it seems to have come back.

Version 8.2.1237

Yes the issue re-appeared. ;-(

It has been resolved and will be implemented in a future release.

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Could it please get solved very quickly, because it makes mails looks very sloopy and unedited ?.

Version 8.2.1237

I’m also experiencing the same issue, where the compose window shows line breaks correctly but the sent message removes them. Definitely don’t mean to apply unnecessary pressure on the team (and totally know how updates can take time to development, implement and roll out) but would be curious if there is:

A. an estimated release date for the implementation
B. a suggestion for a way to temporarily fix this meanwhile (perhaps a view that shows if it’ll appear correct or not)

Thank you!

Follow up note for anyone else having the problem: I’ve found that just before sending a message, you can close it, save it as a draft, then go look at the draft and it’ll show you which line breaks were removed. If you open it again and add them in, it appears to work. Not a super efficient workflow but honestly a decent hack for now until the team patches the bug.

(This is in version 8.2.1237 (b402cf3) for reference.)

There was an issue where this happened with pasted text, where after sending the double line breaks were removed.

That has been resolved and will be in the next release.

You are aware that this is still a problem in version 8.2.1237?


It has been fixed, but you will need to wait for the next release. That means a number higher than 8.2.1237. :wink:

Great news, and thanks for responding!

Are you able to give a very approx ETA of the next update? It would be good to know if we are talking about days, weeks or months if possible.

Many thanks.