line break missing at right window border when reading an html mail

When opening html mail without manual line breaks there will be no line break at windows border as usual. You have to scroll right and back each line for reading, which is annoying. Same mail in some web browser works well.
How to enable proper line break at windows borders?

Hi Giftmord,

Do you experience this while editing new mail in HTML (New mail > Menu > Edit > Edit source)?


Hi Russel,

by simply typing new mail, it line breaks correctly. When copying subjected mail text, line break does not work. Strangely: looking at same mail in web interface, it reads properly.
Tested with same mail text sent from and, showing same issue.
Just make a test, copying text part here, showing no line breaks as well. Does it like the same from your side below? So, it seems not directly related to em Client. Maybe, you have some idea, however?

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Thanks and Regards

After sending last post, system formatted the test text into a frame (with correct line break). Not sure, what this is all about… ;-(


I tested this issue and I can confirm that it works well in my copy of eM Client. Do the problems persist or does the line breaking work now?


Hi Russel,
posting subjected text here will always re-format. Is there a way to forward the subjected mail instead?
Regards, Uwe