Limitations of Free version? besides the limitation of adding 2 email accounts!

If I keep using the free version of eM Client, I will only be able to add 2 email accounts.
But what are other limitations of the free version, please elaborate??

I started using eM Client today & it is SUPER, way way better than Outlook 2013.
eM Client is elegant, professional & very fast.
While using Outlook 2013 I used to get several errors all the time but eM Client is clean & efficient, loads up very quickly, send & receive emails fast. And it has all the features an email client should have.


Free version limitations:

Can’t be used for business purposes, if you use eM client for everything related to work it is violation of eM Client’s license.

You have no access to paid support, pro user has priority over free forum and has guaranteed answer to their problem plus we can offer them alternative ways like remote support or support in out of office times.

Free license users has “Invite to eM Client” button on toolbar and sometimes they receive Window with advertise of our pro license.

And of course those 2 accounts maximum only.



What is the definition of an account? Is it only an e-mail account? Or is it also a caldav (calendar) account? For example can I have 2 e-mail account and one caldav account?


Hi Urs,
Any account you’ll add to eM Client is considered an account, so you’ll be able to add only one email account and one caldav account.

Thank you,