Limit download for Exchange email days or set only header for old email

My understanding is EM client doesn’t allow setting specific “only X” number of days to download email messages and/or only download headers for messages. I have 1000’s of emails in my exchange account and Outlook allows me to go in online mode or offline mode with Exchange server. I thought EM would be good replacement for Outlook on a Windows 10 tablet with limited storage. Since EM downloads all Exchange emails in account, it’s not useful on a tablet device. Not only makes the client run slower but fills in my tablet with gigabytes of emails that are not relevant older emails that I still need to keep in Outlook desktop (because they are only a few months late) but don’t need to access them on the tablet while offline.

Kinda misses the mark as being best client - EM client reviews saying it kills Oulook. I don’t think so - not at least for now. Definitely not on Windows 10 tablet.

I would also want to see this function :slight_smile:

unfortunately this is not something eM Client (or any other mail client) can influence. The Exchange protocol is a mail protocol that will always synchronize and download ALL your messages from the server.
You can access Exchange account in offline mode through eM Client as well - but that means having all the messages dowloaded locally in your computer, which is something both Outlook and eMClient do for Exchange by default, since the protocol cannot be set to NOT download all the messages.
If you want to access your messages from one device but not synchronize them with all devices, you need to pull them from the server and save them locally in your desired device.
Thank you for understanding.


HI, I too would love to have that feature.
I use windows mail app on my PC.
It allows me to read emails that are not more than three days old.
it unsync the older messages and save PC memory

I would love this function as well. The iPhone mail client does it very simply. There’s no reason eM can’t easily add this feature. Please consider this addition in an upcoming update.

I don’t know how they do it, but Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 have a setting for how many months mail to download by default.  12 months is the default, as I recall, or you can select 6 months, or 3 months, or all.  Since a Microsoft Ofc 365 mail service allows up to 50GB of online mail storage, and that would choke a local mail storage.

Like the OP, I’m looking for an Outlook alternative for myself.  In addition, however, I’m looking for an overall replacement for MS Office for my clients who want to dump Microsoft.  OpenOffice and LibreOffice are both good products, but they have no Outlook replacement.  That’s why I’m here.  The limit on local storage is a deal breaker of many of my clients.  Can we look for it in the near future?