Light Theme in new message

Just updated to v10 and unfortunately I see that there is still no option to switch to light theme for new messages: Could you please add this button? When creating newsletters I had it in the past, that somehow the text-background has been set to black which looks awfull in light themed clients

You could then modify the Theme in the eM Client to what you want using the built-in Theme Editor, and you can also adjust the Preferred Font and Background colour to what you want.

“Menu / Settings” (Pc) or “Menu / Preferences” (Mac).

(Theme Editor)

(Preferred Font and Background colour)

I knew that for received mails, it’s easier with the ‘switch’ button
But my question was regarding new/compose mails. There is no such option.
Why not such a button also for new mails?

But my question was regarding new/compose mails. There is no such option.

Oh ok, I thought you wanted that for new incoming mail messages.

Why not such a button also for new mails?

I guess most users would be running “a permanent theme” and wouldn’t normally need to toggle it on the fly for creating new mail messages.

That toggle dark to light option was designed for the incoming mail messages “that were only designed for light themes” like eg: Google Play receipts where you couldn’t see all of the message unless you changed to a lighter theme.

However if you want the same toggle option for new compose messages, put a suggestion on the eM Client Sleekplan share and vote ideas page.

Tmx. I created a sleek for it!

In general I like the dark theme. But for reading/composing it might be helpfull to be able to toggle light/dark. Also to check how a mail might look on another client

For reading, you can toggle it. We provide that option because you have no control over how the sender created the message, and using a dark (but not black) font might make it unreadable.

If you can’t read the message you are composing while using a dark theme, consider that is how it will appear to recipients also using a dark theme. Maybe don’t specify a font colour.

As already mentioned: I work a lot with html-templates for newsletter.
I had it in the past that somehow the text-background switched to black: I could not see a difference until I’ve sent it and toggled the message in sent or read the message in GMail!

If you are using formatted text, toggling the display is not a solution. Your recipients may not be using an email application that allows toggling, so if they are also using a dark theme, they won’t be able to see it either.

Why not? While composing I would be able to check how the message looks on both types of clients