Lifetime upgrade or not?


I don ́t know if I should choose lifetime upgrade or not.

Will I still have the pro version if a v. 7.1 of  EM Client will be released and I install this new version if I don ́t choose lifetime upgrade?

Hello Lars,

If you have a PRO license for version 7 , you can use all of the updates and upgrades related to that version - that also includes version 7.1. The lifetime upgrades license would also make it possible to download future eM Client versions and their updates and upgrades (8 and higher).


Problem is that new features a rarely implemented which would justify a lifetime license. I do own a lifetime license but because of missing really new (powerful and/or enhanced) features in version 7, I did not upgrade so far nor do I have any plans in the future.

But to be honest, I returned to Thunderbird a few weeks before because of missing features in emClient in general and the ignorance of the developers - but that’s a different story.


The develpment cycle from V4 to V5 took 9 months (March 2012 to December 2012)
the development cycle from V5 to V6 took 1 year (December 2012 to December 2013
the development cycle from V6 to V7 took 2 years and 7 months (December 2013 to July 2016)
V7.1 was announced in November 2016 for the end of that year and is still not ready, plus the emClient officials have become suspicioiusly quiet on that front.

They took two and a half years to come up with a conversation view and a stylish UI.

Put all this into a mathematical formula and you have your answer: The arrival of V8 will take place shortly after the second coming of Christ. but maybe not withing the lifetime of emClient.

I have 3 pro licences for V7 and just like Mike F I am back to Thunderbird. I will try every new version of emClient to see if it can beat the free competition. So I stay tuned.

Thanks Peter - I see I’m not alone regarding my return to Thunderbird and my attitude about v7 and emClient in general.

Nevertheless, a lifetime license is no bargain in any way!

OTH a pro license, which you get with your lifetime edition, is only necessary if you have more than two accounts. So I would start with the free version and see how it fits your needs.


From someone who is generally very happy with emc, I would echo the comment of Peter and Mike and utilize the free license until you are throughly satisfied with the product.

I use it with gmail and it generally is flawless. I am not a heavy email user requiring specific features as I suspect Peter and Mike are, so just my opinion based on my usage.

Good luck.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t suggesting that emClient was a bad programme. I was just saying that a lifetime licence might be a bad investment given the latest track record. I have five Email accounts and use two PCs (Desktop and Laptop) so I cannot use the free licence.

What irks me is that the free Thunderbird takes up half the disc space opens mails twice as fast (actually as fast as emClient V6) and has no restriction as to the number of PCs or accounts. I am still looking for something that emClient does and TB doesn’t - not on their web page but in day to day experience. So far I found nothing, nada, zilch!

So, while emClient does everything I need, TB does it faster and for free.

Interesting what experiences people have and how different they can be.  I used TB for years and finally had to get rid of it because a) their conversation mode is (IMHO) is undecipherable and b) it hangs frequently due to, I assume, a large email database.  I have experienced this on both Windows and Linux (in fact in Linux, I use webmail as there is no good email client for that platform).

Also, I have seen a number of complaints about emc speed, but I have never encountered these problems.

I am not criticizing or saying you are wrong by any means, just surprised how different experiences can be.

I too was a heavy user of emClient so do I use Thunderbird now and used it before emClient.
I’ve got 12 accounts (IMAP) running with about 200 e-mail aliases and many many folders and subfolders to organize my daily e-mails.

But believe it or not as a power user I’m missing a more advanced rule handling and support for unread counters on subfolder and root folders, otherwise finding e-mails inside subfolders becomes a PITA. Not to mention you miss important ones…

Archiving is another point why I returned to TB. I’m holding all and I really mean all of my e-mail from 15 years and earlier back in a single dedicated IMAP account on my local NAS. This works perfectly. emClient coudn’t even connect to this account whereas TB works flawlessly.

I could continue this list but honestly it would not change anything. I’ve tried for several months and years now to get one or more enhancements right into emClient and convince the devs. They rather deal with fixing GMail, Outlook and Yahoo issue because of daily changing annoyances from those providers. Of course v7 gave us some nice UI features but this is for the broad mass and not for users like me.



Thanks for all the answers.
I need seven accounts in my mail client and therefore the free version doesn’t fit my needs.
I don’t know yet if I purchase some licens but it will be without the lifetime upgrade.

I think, the only missing thing in Thunderbird is
it’s not possible to create Microsoft Exchange Active Sync (EAS) accounts…