Lifetime Updates are Extra - How long will current version be good for?

Hi - Trying to decide whether to buy Em Client or not; I have Mailbird already and it provides lifetime updates. Em Client has tighter design and function though. Yet, I only get one install with paid/pro version of Em Client and no unlimited lifetime upgrades (as I understand) Or am I wrong? I get lifetime updates BUT have to manually install them, or -? Question: How long will current version of Em Client be ‘good’’ for, or will I have to buy and install a new updatesd version in 1, 2 or more years? Thanks JRO

The option is there when you purchase a license:

Upgrades are pushed to users, so when a new version is available, you will get a popup notification in eM Client that there is an update.

If you purchase a license without lifetime upgrades, you can use it forever with that version of eM Client. So if you purchase a license now, it is valid for all 9.x versions (for which you will get updates automatically), but not for 10.x. If you want to upgrade to 10.x you can purchase a version upgrade.