I believe I may have had eM Client installed on a (little used) laptop as well as my desktop (free license). The laptop has since had a disk crash so I have no method to remove registration. Now I am unable to operate the program on my desktop because it says my free license has expired, I assume because you think I have two licenses. I do need to view some urgent emails so an early response to the jonnyh*****@*****.com would be very much appreciated.

You should be aware that this is a community forum, so comments and assistance are provided by other users, not eM Client Support. That means we do not have access to your registration details, and the redacted email address you provided is of no use. If you want a personal reply from other users, you will need to give an address.

But anyway, a Free License is for personal use and can only be installed on one computer. It is also unfortunately not able to remotely deactivate a Free License after a computer has crashed. Well, actually you can write to eM Client and they will do it, but as Free License users do not have access to Support, that could take a day to a week. And with the holiday season, maybe not till next week at the earliest.

If you need to use the application now, or if you want to use it on more than one computer, you can register a second Free License. To do that, you will need to use another email address as you can only register one license per email address. Go to the Free License registration page and enter your other email address. The activation key will be displayed in the web browser so copy that and paste it into the activation window in eM Client (Menu > Help > License).