Licensing Issues

I purchased a PRO license a couple of years ago. Then I got a new computer and couldn’t find the pro license key so just used the free version. Yesterday I installed emclient on a second computer and activated the free version, now my primary computer emclient is not licensed (would never have installed on second computer if I knew this hell i’d go through).

I need emclient on my primary client - how do i get the key for the PRO license i PAID for to use on my primary computer???

Well there is zero readily available support from emclient. I’ve used this for years and liked it but this is for work and I can’t be without email for an unknown amount of time. Sucks to leave emclient but I’ve installed Mailbird now so I can work. I paid for emclient PRO yet can’t get my license key for it. Will be deleting and using Mailbird from now on unless there’s a reply today. When you pay for software, there should be a friggin phone number to call for help. Lesson learned.

Strange that you lay all the blame on eM Client, whereas you should look at your own shortcomings…

  1. Why didn’t you make a backup of your license when you got it?
    2.Why didn’t you request a resend of your license - either via  or
    You even have Pro Support via

You probably don’t like my answers either, because it’s easier to shoot the messenger, which is typical of people who don’t mistakes…

Have a great day…

Is this really how your support team replies to customers. Shocking reply. You really should learn some manners.

My own shortcomings? Well excuse me.

I guess I’m the only one in the world who didn’t make a copy of their license key or afters years and several rebuilds of OS can’t find it.

I did try your license key lookup, it sent my free key from the second computer I installed the client on not my PRO key I purchased.

I tried your PRO support key manager but the form asks for a “Group” whatever that is (with no description as to what this is) so I can’t complete the form - if that even works. How about a support phone number for paying customers???

As I said in my post, I’ve loved Emclient and don’t want to use something else - did you read that part at all - if you did you might not be so snotty in your reply to a customer who actually likes your product and paid money for it and has recommended to many others.

Just to set the record straight -I’m not eM Client support - I’m a volunteer and have a character flaw  -i got ticked of by your arrogant and ignorant rant and remarks.
and you talk about manners ?

Your reaction did’t surprise me.

You still come with the same stupid excuses.lke 
“I guess I’m the only one in the world who didn’t make a copy of their license key or afters years and several rebuilds of OS can’t find it.”

When you got a resend of the free key - you knew that something wasn’t right
so why didn’t you contact Sales and explain the situation re the Pro license?

You also didn’t read the EULA. which restricts the use of the free license to 1 license per device ,2 email accounts and No business use.

You’re possibly twice-over in violation of the license 

  1. For using a free license for work related mail on your primary computer
  2. but definitely for using the same free license on a second computer

I have no idea wat kind of work you do, but “doing your due diligence” seem to be a foreign expression for you…

You claim to have used eM Client for years, yet you never noticed the lack of Tel. nummers for Support?  

I’m falling short in detecting any intelligence in your answers…


if you still have problems with your PRO licence key, then please contact me at: