Licenses are just a form of rip-off with Emclient

I bought three (3) lifetime licenses and I activated them on mine and my husband’s machines and laptop. Now that I had to reformat and reinstall Windows, there is no way to get into the licensing feature to deactivate and activate. Whenever I try and login to the Emclient licensing it tells me I have an invalid user ID or password. I reset the password and try again with same result. Then I tried to ask for support. Well, I didn’t know when I bought that Em-client doesn’t have real support, they have some foreign company that claims to represent their support. OK, tried that, and this guy asks to do a Team Viewer session. I agree and he connects, only I can’t ask him any questions because this guy has his girlfriend or female associate on the session with him. All he does is open the license section and then leaves. The first thing the licensing section asks for when you go in is to put in a new password. So once again, I reset my password and try and login, and bingo, “sorry invalid password”.

Here is the bottom line, I bought three licenses, they are active at this very moment, but I don’t have access to them. So three lifetime licenses, bought and paid for, and was only able to actually use the program for maybe a month or two tops. Great deal for EmClient, not so much for me. BTW the reason I’m putting this up on this blog is because EmClient also doesn’t have any way to contact them. If you use the “info@emclient” it goes to the same lame support group. No phone numbers, no email addy, what a great deal for this company, they sell products you can’t use and then make sure you can’t contact them, Incredible!!!

Hi Pamela.

Sorry you have had a negative experience with the support team. I have always found them to be quite helpful. If you open a support ticket, a member of the support team will contact you directly by email. A slower method it to write to the sales team directly using That may take a day or two for a reply, but they will be able to help you with login to your account.

Or, you can go to that will reset your credentials, and you will receive an email with login information for the License Manager at

Hope that helps.

Thanks Gary, tried all of that and never got anything more then the same foreign support guy, Juraj Micek, who brings his girlfriend on support calls. Honestly I’ve never seen a company so poorly run. To not have a phone number for clients like me who have gone out of their way to get help and been failed is really an example of terrible organizational skills. It appears any money for purchases goes to EM client Inc., but when it comes to support evidently this guy Micek is the only option. My experience is that once you pay EM Client then you should never expect to hear another word from the company. Any complaints or support is simply redirected to the above “technician”.

There are eM Client employees like Olivia Rust who monitor this forum, and who are more than capable of helping you solve this issue.

Hopefully they are back to work tomorrow and can give you some help.

Thanks again Gary, I have to say if I actually got some help from a Em Client employee that would certainly be unique for me. I’ll wait and see. Regardless of that I do appreciate your kind words.

Hi Pamela,
I am very sorry to hear that you feel like you cannot use the program and that we are unreachable. I assure you that we check all the messages we receive, whether it is on Pro support, info@emclient or sales@emclient.
I have also checked your past tickets where you received replies from other colleagues who always tried to assist you to their best ability. 

As for your licenses - you can ALWAYS remotely deactivate or reactivate your licenses using our License manager (which is now accessible from all web browsers). When you try to login make sure you are using the credentials as they are (for example, “User” is not the same group as “user”, the login is case sensitive. Same if you have capital letters in your password). 

Please feel free to contact us at Pro support if you need additional help, I will archive this post here.

Best regards,