I have the free license and until today it was working fine… now it is asking me for a license and does not let me synchronize with my Google account.

Are you perhaps trying to use the license on more than one computer?  The license is for one computer only.  Did you receive any emails from eM Client about suspected license violations?

Go to menu/help license and try to reenter the license information.

I think I have the same problem which you are facing. It suddenly stopped in this morning and asked for the activation code. Re-entering the code didn’t help me. 

maybe there is more to this. a friend of mine has also a free license, but now she supposedly has used her free emclient for commercial purposes. she is retired and an elderly person. so what is going on?

If you receive an email from eM Client stating that you are suspected of using the Free License for commercial purposes, then you either need to respond and explain that you aren’t violating the license agreement, or if you are then you need to purchase a Pro License.

thanks gary, i know. i looked at the emails sent by my friend. there is absolutely nothing of any commercial interest. is emclient trying to sell more pro versions with this? just wondering. i myself have 4 pro licenses in use and i am recommending the free emclient for friends. how would emclient realise that there is a commercial use? are the monitoring or is emclient phoning home?

I think its time to migrate to Thunderbird.

If you are using eM Client for commercial or business use and are not prepared to purchase a Pro License, then another email client would be your only solution.

I don’t think it is a marketing strategy, just their process to clamp down on license violations. Maybe they blocked the license in error.

I discussed this previously with one employee, and I am satisfied that they are totally ethical in their process. They are not monitoring your friends messages in any way.

How on earth could I use the application again? I keep receiving unrelated solutions… I am using it at home for personal purposes.

If you received an email from eM Client saying that they suspected you were using the Free License for commercial use, you can reply to the message and resolve any misunderstanding. If you did not receive a message, you can still write to them and I am sure they will be happy to help you reinstate your current Free License.

You can also register a new Free License under a separate email address if that helps.

I have the same trouble. Today I’ve got a message from George Wilson, that my license is blocked because of non-personal usage of mail, but it’s not truth. What can I do now? Write a letter to Support or it’s waste of time?

Reply to George and any misunderstanding will be resolved.

I’ll try, thanx!

So far a waste of time.

Did you write to eM Client for assistance? Did you register a new Free License?

How do I register for a new license?

Go to You will need to use a different email address as you can only register one Free License per address.
Once you have the activation key, go to Menu > Help > License, and activate using the new key. You may have to first deactivate the old license if it is still there.

No reply so far!

What license information? I am using emclient for personal purposes only!