I can’t  renew my license. I have free emclient, but it writes that i  violated a license. And i don’t know what i can do. I don’t image how i can violate a license if i have free emclient. Please, help me! 

Do you have eM Client installed on more than one computer with the same license?

Or are you perhaps using your free license for work?

Those could both be violations of the free license.

I use it on one computer in my office

On in the Neighborhood have the same problem,  I installed the eM client free on his new computer and installed a free license 4/17/2017. Now he also get the message that he is violating the license and I can not reactivate it on his computer. This is no comercial use and it is on only one computer.

Could all those Windows updates result in that it detecting the computer as a new computer? I have the activation code, also requested a new license on my own E-mail address, same result, it is saying that he is violating the license, which is not true. He did not upgrade from version 6,  have installed the newest version 7.1.

If you tried to activate a new license after the Windows Update, then it is unlikely that the update is the problem. And it does not make sense that your new license also came up as a violation. So long as there aren’t more than 2 email accounts in his application, then I think maybe there is something wrong with the license server. Hopefully someone from eM Client will comment.

He has only one mail account, that’s not the reason.
A small curio sum. If you ask for resending the activation code, they mail it to you. Well… in case of no webmail and you can’t get new mail because of missing license, how do you get that mail? :slight_smile:

Yes, a real conundrum.

The best solution is to register for a free license on another email account. The activation key will be displayed immediately on the screen in case you don’t have email or web access to that other account.

Gert, could you try disabling the anti-virus software, then try again.

I have something same problem.  Because after a reinstallation of Windows 10the programme is Offline with the remark, that i have no legal license. Until that it is offline.
But matbe it is because i did some tests on another pc with EMClient, and it is on 2 pc’s and that is forbidden. I removed it now.

 But i have webmail soi looked into that and i received this mail:

“You have requested information about your eM Client licenses on our website. 

>The information is as follows: 

>Name: Harry Linde 
>Type: Free 
>Users: 1 
>Issued: 5/20/2016 
>Support Expiration Date: 1/1/2018 
>Activation Key: (number deleted)

>Activate your license in Menu - Help - License section”.

When i try to  login on my account,  i can’t get it done.  It says “The username or password is incorrect”. maybe i type a wrong usergroup. i can login on the supportforum, where i am registered an  this is “eM Client Inc”. But anything i do, it does not work. I answerd the e-mail with this problem and hope to an answer.

The License Manager is for Pro Licenses only.

If you are using a Free License installed on another computer, you will need to deactivate it on that one before you can activate it on the second computer. If you can’t do that, you will need to register for another free license on a different email address.

It is solved! I thought “Activate your license in Menu - Help - License section” was meant through your website in the Licensemanager. But it’s throught the E-mailprogramme! It 's done, maybe also because i first de-installed EMClient on my second device. Thank you.

I tried to stop the antivirus, that did not help. No help from eM.
My soution was to unstall eM and install Mozilla Thunderbird, that works great and does not need a free license, it is free without license. I don’t think I will try eM again.

if your error message says “This computer cannot be activated due to a violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.”  it means you were banned for breaking our license policy, this is most commonly using a Free license for commercial/work/business use.

Contact our sales department if you believe there was a misunderstanding or if you have more questions -