License should be per user, not per computer

I love eM Client and want to support you guys for your excellent work. However when I went to buy a Pro license I saw that the fee is per device, not per person. As a software engineer I have an unusual setup where I bounce around between 5 different computers. So licensing per device is a lot more money than I would like to spend. If you would create a license that is per-person, not per-device, I would be happy to pay up and support your work.


I am a normal user, but have a computer I use at my work, and one at my home. Every time I have to use one or the other, I had to re-register the computer again, so I agree, it is a pain in the A@@.
Now it does not allow me to do that anymore, so I will be going away from eMclient because of this, and go back to other email programs, since I would have to pay for multiple Pro licenses and pay extra for updates, even though I only use one at a time.