license question

I have been running EM Client on 1 computer for a year or so. I just bought a new computer and installed EM Client on the new PC and un-installed EM Client on the old PC. Is the original license “returned” when I un-installed the software from the original PC? Do I still have 2 free licenses, one installed and one available?

It’s always best to deactivate the license on the old machine before activating it on the new one.  It still should work OK.  If you have a problem you can deactivate by going to their license server at:

The login information should have been sent to you along with your licenses.

Jay, I think the license manager only works with Pro licenses. My understanding from what Jim wrote above is that he has two free licenses.

Jim, the license is not automatically deactivated or “returned” during uninstall. As far as the licensing server is concerned, it is still active, just that the computer is off. So Jay’s advice to deactivate the license on the old PC is the best option both for free and Pro licenses.

Of course you need to do that before uninstalling the application so if you still have the old PC, reinstall eM Client and deactivate the license before uninstalling again. As long as you did not delete the profile directory (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) all your information will still be there.

If you need another free license, you could register for one using another email address. If you really need your original free license back, contact support and ask if they can deactivate it for you. Or maybe they can delete it, then you can register again using that email address. I am sure that something can be done.