License problems!

I’ve been using eM Client free on my main system for several years. I also have a spare system which I hardly ever use, but it did have eM Client installed on it. I fired up the spare system yesterday and eM Client told me the free licence had expired so I reactivated it and it is working OK.

Today, I started up my normal system and eM client messaged that the database had not closed down properly and rebuilt it. I then got a message saying the free licence had expired as well, so I reactivated it.

The question is, do my 2 systems have the same licence number, as I would have used the same email to request the licences, or are they different for each system?

I also notice that the lecences expire on 1.1.2014. Will I be able to renew them again?

Hi, you have to use separate license for every device you have. Free licenses are renewed automatically.


Hi Jan, it looks like the licence code is the same for both of my devices, but then I use the same email for both of them anyway.

How would I get a different licence if I use the same address for each device? The idea is that if my main system breaks down I want to pick up and send mail using my normal email address on my spare system…


You can register only one free license to one email, so you will need another email for your 2nd license.

Of course you do not need to have that email address set in eM Client and you can continue using only your original one. It is only for that license registration.