License Not Working in ver7

Was running eM6 and received notice of upgrade to ver7. Purchased “Lifetime Upgrades”, but never recieved new license via email as I thought I would. Installed software, but it won’t go online. Only works offline.

When I first launch, I get “This version of eM Client is newer than what your current license permits”. I click “Proceed” and the app launches in background, but I get a window saying “Once you renew your license online, please restart eM Client”. I have restarted several times, but the messages keep coming back and I cannot use the app.

Any ideas?

Have exactly the same problem and like you have also sent a question to forum.
Have tried deactivating, setting version and reactivating on Licence webpage but still no luck.
Like you I was expecting an email with more info but all I got was an email confirming the order.
Frustrating and very annoying!

I have the same problem. Two Version 6 licences and bought two upgrades. Keys are not working and no response from the support-department. I think, I have to cancel the payment on my creditcard.

Company sent me the new license code. De-activated (from version 6 code), and entered my new code in. Works fine now.