license manager

I have formatted my pc and should therefore activate the lost license.
Please provide me with assistance. Thank you

Hello Antonio,

If you own a FREE licence, you can activate it in eM Client > Menu > Help > Licence. Just paste in the activation key we sent you when you registered and if you don’t have the email, you can restore it here:


it is not a free license but a license which provides for two activations. it is necessary that the supplier deactivates one to allow me the activation lost with the formatting

For a Pro License, you can use the License Manager to deactivate it yourself.

Thanks but I do not remember the login credentials. How can I recover them?

You can do that by entering your registered email address at

Hi Antonio,

In case you still have problems with login into the Licencemanager, send me please an email to [email protected] with a link to this forum thread.


I have same problem.  When I click send it acts like there is an error with a red circle with a line through it.

This is on the lost activation key page?

Maybe try with a different web browser, as it seems to work just fine when I tested it.

I have tried 3 browsers.   At least capcha asked to click on pictures, but get nothing back and clicking on send.

Can someone deactivate my 2 licenses so I can reactivate.  I only have emClient on 1 machine.

I never saw capcha on the lost activation key page, nor on the License Manager. What url are you using?

Mick, best you open a support ticket and have them help you that way.

Thank you.   I’ll submit another one.

Hello, I have purchased a pro licence key but have given the wrong email to get the key, how do I resolve the issue?