license key: programm cannot verify

After submitting license key, response from programm “cannot connect to server”, altough firewall is total open for the programm
This happened direct after install, and even after reboot PC , and even after setting e-M client as default emailclient
 Before I used ver 6 without problems (same OS = Win XP-3)
Also I find no option to import newer mail I created later using IMAPs. I have backupped them as ia  files. Do I have to create them from scratch ? ( and does e-M support IMAP ??)

Unfortunately, eM Client cannot connect to the licensing server using Windows XP. Please see…

Email created using IMAP is stored on your server, so there is no need to import them. Once you have setup your email account in eM Client, the emails should automatically be downloaded when the account syncs with the server.

Meaning, I can even licence , if I reinstall version 6 again, since OS remains XP.
What is that for behaviour . Microsoft niot supporting anymore, does not means problems. That is only a financial question, pushing users to new OS (and at once complete new hardware too !!!)
Ok , use alternatives then :slight_smile: ( outlook express still functioning, and also mozilla thunderbird)

Microsoft stopped updating and supporting XP nearly 4 years ago. It may have been a financial move on the part of Microsoft because the technology was just so outdated that it was not worth maintaining. You can only patch a leaking OS so many times before it becomes safer to use a new one. I don’t think that eM Client’s decision to drop support for XP is financial but rather has to do with the unsupported security protocols used.

If you are happy using XP, and Outlook Express, who am I to dissuade you? Just be aware that you open yourself to all sorts of security related vulnerabilities.