License Key - problem

I have a PRO license. After changing the computer, from time to time the mail client asks me to enter the license code again.
How to save the code permanently?

It depends on how many devices the license is valid for and how many devices you are activating it on.

If the license is for a single device, and you activate it on a second one, the first will automatically deactivate.

I have 15 licenses. 2 I moved from computer to computer and on these computers the licenses are not saved permanently.
This is very problematic for the user.

You know, how to fix it?

You can’t move a single device license between devices, because as soon as you activate it on a second device, the first will automatically deactivate. You need to use a different license on each device.

Or if the license is for 15 devices, you can only use it on 15. As soon as you activate it on device 16, one of the 15 will automatically deactivate.

If you need to use eM Client on more devices than your license allows, you will need to purchase more licenses.

Best is to open a support ticket with us, then we can look at your license(s) for you and see what the issue is.

I can’t access support at because I can’t log in. Licenses were purchased in 3 terms. Most recently in February 2023.

I have this info:
We were unable to log you in as this account has expired. Please extend your support on VIP Support Extension | eM Client.

I have exactly 14 licenses bought, I’m only using 12 now.
how to fix it?

how to create a request without access to support?