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i have a Pro license key:

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i have this installed on my laptop and desktop.  i bought a new laptop recently, deactivated my license on the old laptop while making no change to the desktop, and installed eM Pro on the new laptop, and activated the key on the new laptop. 

the key is continually deactivating on the desktop and new laptop BOTH, and i have not reactivated the key on the old laptop, nor have i used eM on that old laptop…  but the key is continually deactivating on both my biz machines now and will not stop and simply stay activated.

please advise.  thank you.


Hi, you can try and check the status of your licenses here
and de-activate the unused one .
Failing that , submit a ticket here - log-in
or write to 

The license key is for one machine only.  If you want to use it on multiple machines, you will have to purchase multiple licenses.  Opening the program on one machine will automatically deactivate it on the other machine with only one license.

that was not my understanding when i bought a Pro license because that is not what i was told, and that is not how it has operated since purchasing it. i was told i could run a Pro license on one desktop and one laptop for the same biz, which i do and has always worked.  all i did here was change from one laptop to another.

Who told you that you could use one license for two machines?  eM Client has always been very clear on their policy-- one license per machine.  The first 30 days you install eM Client it is in trial mode, so it actually may let you use it on more than one machine (not sure about this).

The difference between Pro and free accounts is the number of email accounts you can load-- 2 for free and unlimited for Pro, but still 1 license 1 machine.

yes, now i remember that what was discussed was using a free license on one machine and a Pro license on the other.  this was a while back but, as i remember it, that was the solution.  so it sounds like my solution is to deactivate the Pro license on one of the machines.

You can get a second free license to use on another machine by using a different email address to register, but it must be for personal, non-commercial use.  If you are using both machines for business purposes, you will need 2 pro licenses.

Hi David,

Please log into the Licencemanager at: where you can manage and activate/deactivate your licences.
Otherwise, you can contact me directly at