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Had free account and upgraded hours ago to pro. Ended up with new pc and free account on two PC’s but one would not receive mails. Never received an activation code but I have the pro charges with upgrade for a yr.listed as a pending charge on my Credit card account. Found instructions to deactivate free and activate pro but if I do this a second time, will probably be charged again…Can you please advise me step by step if possible how to get the pro activation code, enter it and leave one pc with free and new pc with pro till we get everything transferred to the new pc. Many Thanks


When you purchase a license, you will receive an email with the activation key and instructions on how to activate it. If the email is not in your Inbox, look in the Junk/spam folder. You can also have your license key resent to you if you have deleted the email by entering the email address you used when purchasing it in the Lost Activation Key page.

You are not charged when you activate the license. You are only charged when you purchase a license. We don’t have your card details, so it is not possible to charge you again. You will have needed to make a purchase yourself to be charged.

If you have just purchased the license and have not received the license key email, maybe you entered an incorrect email address when purchasing it. If that is so, or for further assistance with this, please contact [email protected]

Hi Gary: Thanks for your response. My CC account has a pending charge from the organization that handles the EMC transactions, but it is not finalized. No email with pro activation has been received. Will contact sales as you suggest…Thanks

Hi Gary: My free license expired two days ago, and the Pending charge on my cc account became a final charge at that time…I paid for Pro version with lifetime upgrades…But have not yet received an activation code for the pro version and have not had any correspondence back from what I sent two days ago to sales dept. My current data says I still have a free account so I deactivated free but need the pro activation number to activate the pro account that I have paid for.?

I am starting to think that this has become too complicated for average Humans.


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As suggested above by @Gary, have you tried “Lost Activation Key”?
I know it does not help but it is possible that the Sales department do not work at the weekend.


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