License issue

My in laws are using the free home em Client and it is asking them to renew and they can no longer access their email . Is there a number I can have them call to get this resolved? Says they were sent an activation code, but they cannot see email.
I originally signed them up for the free home version and now they are without any email, any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if they never entered the activation code.  If the activation code was sent after the 30 day trial period, eM Client will no longer receive emails and you must retrieve the license code from an alternate client, such as web mail.

The activation code should be entered in eM Client by going to menu\help\license.

They cannot receive an activation code because the emclient shut down, I am trying to troubleshoot from a few states away.  Is there another way to get an activation code that does not require the use of web mail?

Hello Jeff,

If you register for a new FREE licence on our website: the licence key will be displayed there. Otherwise you can send me an email to with a link to this forum thread and with an email address on which your eM Client licence is registered and I will help you with that.