License has reached the maximum number of activated installations


I did not remove my license from two old PCs and today I am stuck when I want to activate my license on a new PC, what should I do?

I thank you in advance,

This will be because you have a Pro Business license and need to deactivate the license on one device before you want to activate it on another.

If you no longer have access to the previous devices, you can deactivate the old devices in your License Manager.

If you don’t have the login details, there is a password reset option on that page that will send them to you. Note the the user group is User (with a capital U).

I am a Pro user, as well, but never had anything like a login for this license manager.

I recently got a new laptop and would like to keep eM Client running on the old laptop, as well, as a backup.

Welp, I’ve tried all my email addresses in that “reset password” box…

… and all of them generate the same error of “user does not exist”

The License Manager is for Pro Business users only.

If you have a Pro Business license, but can’t access it, please open a Support Ticket with us.