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Hi all,
I´ve read about that Email program. Let´s say I wanna give him a chance :slight_smile:

  1. When I install the freeware Email client and work with it, is it possible to make an upgrade from freeware to the Pro Version??? Of course without any difficulties (for example new installation etc)

  2. The up to date Version seems to be version 8. When I pay the Version 8 for which Versions am I qualified to get the following updates?

thx soo far
Best Reagrds from Germany

Yes. They are the exact same application, so there is no software to install. All that happens is that you activate a different license which will enable additional features.

That depends on what type of license you purchase.

  1. The regular Pro License will enable you to use version 8 only.
  2. eM Client also offers a version upgrade. That works with both 8 and 9. Then if you wanted to use it on version 10, you would need to purchase another version upgrade, etc.
  3. Or, you can purchase a lifetime license, which means you can use the license for all future versions of eM Client.

Hi Gary,
Thanks a lot for your quick answer