license free problem

Every day for a few weeks emclient asks me for a license number, I have to go to license and enter the number of my free license, and this sometimes gives me problems with connection, it gets outline, what can I do?

What version of Windows and eM Client are you using?

7.2.37929.0    windows 8.1

Maybe download the latest version 7 from the Release History and see if that changes anything.

I have 7.2and I get this annoyance every second day or so.  Have to find key and enter again

Do you perhaps use the same license on more than one computer?

yes.  does that make a difference?  What should I do to avoid this issue>

A Free License is only valid for one computer. If you want to use eM Client on more than one, you need to register a separate Free License for each computer.

Otherwise when you enter the key on one computer, it invalidates it on the other.