License for 2 computers

For me the information about the license is not very clear.
For example, by:
“No restriction for 2 accounts in Pro version”,
you mean 2 mail addresses, isn’t it?

I ask this question because I bought the Pro version and installed it on my computer and on my laptop with 7 mail addresses in each and this morning on the computer I had the message that the license was no more valid.
I desactivated the license, re-activated and now everything seems to be ok.

Can you tell me more or confirm I did not misunderstand?

Everything is ok. I presume I had a bug.

Does that mean I can work on 2 PCs (as a single person) with the same license being installed on both, i.e. on my desktop and on my laptop?

From reading some of the other threads this seemed not allowed / supported. But would be glad if it finally is (like many other vendors allowing up to two installations as long as it is just the same person using it).

I think it is possible only with the pro version.
I hope somebody will give more details.

“No restriction for 2 accounts in Pro version” means you can have more than two mail/IM/CalDAV account setup under Tools -> Accounts. You cannot install eM Client using pro license on two different PC. Hope that clears up.

Yes it’s clear and very sad for me.
I cannot buy a second licence for having eMClient on my laptop.
Could you offer a good price for people buying a second licence ?

The discount eM allows for 2nd license is so little, it makes no different. Sign up a free account using a different e-mail address and go for a upgrade offer which seems still available:

Yeah, I just found this program, and would buy it, but I use 3 different computers, and can’t afford to purchase 3 copies. That’s why I have to keep using my web browser. No other client will synch my contacts. :frowning:


if you buy 2 and more licenses there is always discount, you can see for yourself…

and if you don’t want to use eM Client for business purposes, you don’t need more than 2 account or paid support you can always use 3 free licenses.