License deactivating itself

I recently had Windows 10 Home reinstalled on my laptop computer. After the reinstallation; I, of course, had to reinstall eM Client. I do not use eM Client on any other device but was able to retrieve my activation key by email. I activated the (free) license with no problem. Since doing this, however, I have had eM Client deactivate itself twice. Each time I put in the key it accepts it and shows it as activated. It runs fine for a few days, but then it randomly deactivates. When I open the program, I simply get a message saying that eM Client is not licensed and that my previous data will remain available but it will no sync anymore until I provide the license info. Even though I already have the email with the activation key and need only pull it up to copy back into the license section of eM Client, this is growing quite tedious. Help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

The best method when moving a Free License from one computer to another, or from one Windows installation to another, is to first deactivate it. As that was not done, it may be that the licensing server thinks that the license is still activated on another computer.

So, you can either register another Free License using a different email address, and get a new key immediately. Or you can contact and have them reset your Free License, which could take a few days…

The reinstall was done without my knowledge or permission, believe it or not, so there was no chance for me to deactivate it.  Thank you for providing the email address.  I will most certainly contact them.