License compatibility / Pro Vs. Pro business

Is it possible to use a version 7 license with a version 6 program. I am currently on version 6 and do not want to switch at the moment?

I am considering to buy three Pro licenses. Is there any disadvantage buying them as Pro for business as they cost the same and I can deactivate deprecated installations via web browser without the need to turn on the machine again. Is there any other difference in these licenses?

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We do not sell version 7 licenses anymore, only 8. But yes, you can use a version 7 or 8 license with version 6.

There is a difference in the price between Pro and Pro Business. The Pro Business license price displayed does not include VAT, so that will be added during the purchase.

With Pro Business licenses of 2 seats or more, you need to manually deactivate the license if you change devices. With all other licenses, Pro, Free and single Business license, this is done automatically.

Business licenses give you full access to the license manager where you can automatically send settings to any device using that license, which is useful in an organization to keep signatures and other settings consistent between devices. But the functionality of the application itself is the same.

Thanks Gary…
So just to confirm. If a client gets lost, got reformated or anything else, the license is not occupied but freed up and can be used automatically again in Pro. In Pro Business I have to free it up manually via web portal.

Yes, if you lose your laptop, and you want to activate eM Client using that same license on another device, with Pro Business licenses of 2 seats or more you need to first deactivate it manually in your license manager. Or ask me to do it for you. :wink:

For all other licenses (Pro and Free), it will automatically deactivate on the lost laptop when you activate it on another device.