License Activation

I have the free version, love it, however, has been 30 days and recieved message that demo has expired, have message from em client licensing that account is active unil 1-1-14 and gave me the activation key but don’t know how to continue activation


you can activate eM Client license in few simple steps: firstly open eM Client, then click the menu Help - License and click “Activate” button. Insert your activation key and confirm. Your license will load automatically. 

I am getting a licensing error, eM Client returns:  Problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server, The request failed with an empty response.  I am at work and behind Zscaler, could it be that we are blocking the licensing server ports?  What is a work around?

Hi, yes that might be the issue, there’s no workaround on contacting our licensing server, you have to create an exception for or for Port 80, to let the application access our licensing server.
The application has to be online to check it’s license at least once every 14 days.

Thank you for understanding,

Im facing the same issue. How do i create an exception?