Licencing Problems & Moving E-mails to Folders

Having trouble lately with emclient: I get “EmClient doesn’t have a valid licence you may access your offline data…” message upon start up
not sure if this is related but also some emails never transfer into folders, the message reads “downloading items from server failed” , every time .
Help please my inbox is getting so cluttered and I want to store these emails!

(Also, I just tried doing the update, and received warning “1946 property system user model id for shortcut" could not be sent”) Thanks

You need to enter your license key in eM Client. Go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate, then paste the key.

Thanks so much!
Unfortunately I don’t know where to get my activation key… but I tried it anyway and it appears to be already activated…So I don’t see this fixing the problem :frowning:

If you have lost your activation key, you can have it resent to you by entering your registered email address at

When you have received the activation key, go to Menu > Help > License and click on Deactivate, then click on Activate and paste in the key that was just sent to you.

If you still get an error that the license is not valid, then maybe you received an email from eM Client informing you that they suspect you of using a Free Licence for business use. If you did, and did not respond, then your license will have been suspended. You need to read that message as there are instructions on how to reactive your license if it was cancelled in error.