Licences problem with freeone's version 4.0

Dear Clever Guys, Thank you first :), We use your free client version 4.0 for charitative organisation DIAKONIE ČR and last week we have to face a trouble with licences, it seems to be not valid at many stations and we don’t know why? Do you still support 4.0 for free? Thank you very much for answer! Bedřich Káňa Numeri Energy s.r.o [email protected]

Hi Bedrich, have you tried to reactivate the application using the original activation key?
If not can you please try to reactivate, I have found your license in our licensing system, however it detects 0 activations, so I believe using the key again should do the trick.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, 

Thanks you, 

No, it didin’t make me sence at all.
could you please provide the original codes via email? Do we have PRO version?

Meantime I’ve repaired non-functional cliens by generation of new free licences via your websites…, won’t be a problem at future?
Thank you a lot for answer!

Hi again Bedrich, you should be able to reactivate using your original licenses.
However I’ve discussed  the matter of licensing for Diakonie with our sales department, and even though we value your support and your loyalty, you’re using free license for a non-profit organization which is currently against the terms of use and you should obtain a pro license for this matter, but note that we offer discounts for non-profit organizations.

If you have any further questions regarding purchasing or pricing of the application don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or our sales department at [email protected]

Thank you for understanding,