Licence only works on one PC.

I have one personal email account. I access it with em client on my PC at work and PC at home. If I use it at work I lose my licence at home. If I activate it at home I lose it at work. How can I have it working at both locations.

free eM client licenses are always a license per computer, if you want to use your eM client on multiple computers you have to get another free license.

Also please note that for commercial use eM Client has to be purchased and if you’d like to purchase eM client multi-license, there’s an interesting deal on these licenses.

Thank you for using eM Client.

Hi Paul I’m looking at moving my small office (currently 6 users on MS Outlook via MS Exchange) to gmail with eM client. Two users sometimes work remotely on laptops via a VPN.  
Would eM client (commercial licence) sych emails between their office PCs and laptops ?  

Regards Pip

Hi Pip,

I think eM Client will only synchronize e-mails if you use IMAP, not POP3, to download e-mails.

I assume Paul can clarify more.

Hi again, as Hans suggested depends on what protocol you’ll be using.
But if you’re moving from Exchange to Gmail (Google Apps) you can quite easily configure your accounts to use IMAP and that way all your data will be synchronized with the server and your other devices using the account on IMAP.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Hans and Paul

I will get a couple of licences and get testing, with a view to move everybody over to this.

Regards Pip

Glad to hear that, let us know if you come across any questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,