Licence on deleted PC


Apparently I’ve exceeded my number of licences on the free version.

Can I move the licence on to a working machine, as I don’t have access to the old one to deactivate it?

Free licenses will automatically deactivate on the old one when you activate it on a new device.

As long as it is for personal home use only, just activate it on the new one.

Thanks fir responding.

I’m getting a message on my PC telling me the licence is restricted to two licences everytime I load emclient up

Is this normal now?

I never used to get this message on my other devices.

As far as I know I only have the licence installed on one PC now.

Probably it says it is restricted to 2 ACCOUNTS.

That is the restriction for Free licenses. You can only have 2 email accounts configured. You will need to go to Menu > Accounts, and remove the others.

Ok… I’ll check. Thanks!