Licence manager

in pre-sale question, can you tell me the advantage or difference to buy a plan with or without licence manager ?


The License Manager is available only to Pro License users.

It allows you to manage your licenses. :grin:

So things like remotely deactivating the license on a specific computer, choosing how to receive update notifications, specifying per seat what version the computer can upgrade to, if using IceWarp if the settings should be received from the server, etc. It also gives information as to which computer(s) the license is activated on, and when you have a multiple seat license (so say 20 Pro Licenses) how many are activated.

These are functions that would probably not be of much use to the average user, but are to company IT managers and support.

To see the differences between Pro and Free licenses, see this page: Pricing | The best email client for Windows and Mac | eM Client

OK, thank you.
But in the price page, the 2 options (with or without licence) is for the pro plan… So is it the same plan ?

The other question is if i buy 2 licences, can i change the licence if i change my computer ? I mean, desactivate on the old computer and activate in the new.



I see the page has changed and the License Manager is no longer available for individuals. You may want to write to eM Client ( and ask them to clarify.

Thank you.

I dont need the licence manager if i can change my licence if i change my computer :slight_smile:


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