Licence Manager: entries for Mac and Windows version are mixed up

in the licence manager (at least in the german version), the entries for “Licence version Mac” and “License version Windows” are mixed up. The headings should be the other way round. See screenshot.
The list thereunder shows the correct values. Also, the function ist correct (the clients receive the correct version). It may be a problem in the translation file.

Those might be values you have set. It just limits the version of update that will be offered through the check for update function.

So for Windows for example, you will not be offered updates beyond 9.0.1717

By default they are blank, which will use whatever version we have specified as the latest. You need to click on the Set version for Windows, and the Set version for Mac buttons and choose Clear.

No, I set it, but my settings, (below in the grey field) for Windows appear above in the orange “Lizenzversion Mac” - field. Which is wrong.
Edit: Screenshot with markers

Send me you registered email address to and I will reset it for you.

OK, thank you. I sent the email.

I think it may just be a display issue on your side as the Windows column should come first.

But I will have someone look into it for you. I won’t reset it yet.

If I set my browser language settings to English or French and refresh, it is correct (‘Win’ first, ‘Mac’ second). If I then change my browser back to German, the ‘Win’ gets translated by ‘Mac’ and vice versa.

If I were the programmer of the licence manager, I would have a look into the German language file for the GUI, whether the German entries are exchanged against each other.

Thanks for that. It is what I suspected, and our team will look into it.

I believe this will be fixed in the next release of the License Manager.

In the meantime, if you click the arrow next to your name in the top right of the page, and choose Try Beta, you will see what the change looks like.

Thank you, Gary.

I wanted to see the beta version, but the German version does not show the “Try Beta” :cry:

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Just to inform you.
Have a nice day.