Licence key needs to be reentered regularly

Why do I need to re-enter my free licence key almost every day, sometimes several times a day ?
I use eM Client on a laptop and a desk computer, both running under Windows 10.

This can happen when you are using the same license key on both computers as the license is per computer only. Just register a second Free License using another email address and activate that on one of them.

I was fooled myself by this apparently random behavior of emClient.
This morning i started emClient and it asked again the license code. So i went to the forum and found this thread that explained the cause of this weird behavior.
Yes, before understanding that a single license key can be used on a single installation i used it to activate two installations (work and home) and apparently at first glance everthing worked fine.
The deactivation happened several hours later, maybe a couple days. I’d say i preferred something like “you are trying to activate more than an installation with the same code” message.

With a Pro License, if you try to activate it on a third computer when your license is only valid for two, it will tell you that it has already been activated the maximum number of times.

This is strange then.
I initially purchased a Pro lifetime license (single license) and used it to activate on two installations. I had no warning message. Maybe the time between the two activations was too short? Just the time to travel from office to home, say 30 minutes, don’t remember honestly.
Anyway i then purchased a second non lifetime Pro license and reactivated the second copy. But i guess that the first copy didn’t keep the activation because it was already superseded by the second (which i reactivated with the new license).
Anyway not it’s ok, both copies have their own license code so i guess this shouldn’t happen again.