Licence for Mac and Windows

Hi, I am currently testing eM Client and have a question about licensing. If I want to use eM Client as a private individual on a Windows PC and a Mac Mini (I often work on the Windows PC, rarely on the Mac Mini, but never at the same time), do I need 2 licenses?

Yes, you need a license for each device.

Free licenses are for personal home use only, and if that is what you will use, you will need two licenses. Each one needs to be registered to a different email address as you can’t have more than one Free license per email address.

For Pro licenses you can choose how many devices you want to purchase it for, so you can use the same license key registered to a single email address on multiple devices.

Hi, if i buy a pro license on both mac and windows pc, will the em client configuration (e.g. language, rules, email alias, signature, mail snoze, …) be kept in sync between both devices?

You can’t sync settings between devices, but you can export them on one device and import them to the other. The target device needs to be using the same or newer version of eM Client.

With a Business Pro license, you can upload your settings to our server, and on start they will be downloaded to the device using that license. It is useful in an organisation where you want one department to use one signature, and another to use a different one, and have them always use the latest signature. It also allows you to disable specific settings so the users can’t for example add their own chat accounts.

With my configuration of a Windows PC and a Mac Mini, would you recommend a 2-user business license? Because the price difference between 2x Pro or 2-user business license is not very big.

For a regular Pro license, VAT is already included in the price you see quoted on the screen. For a Business Pro license, VAT will be added later appropriate for your location. For example in the UK VAT is 20%, so a normal Pro license is about £55, while a Business Pro license will cost you about £72. Of course you can reclaim VAT on items you buy for use in your business if you’re VAT registered, so then the difference in price after VAT is reclaimed is only about £5.

But it would take you a lot longer to configure the license manager and upload the new settings, than it would just to export and import. For two devices it is not worth using the license manager.

Thanks for clarification.
Last question about the licenses (hopefully): Is there perhaps a plan for a combo license (1x Windows + 1x MAC) or is my wish just utopia?

You can use the same license on either Mac or PC. It works with both.

If you want to use it on both at the same time, you need a license for two devices, otherwise when you activate it on the Mac, the PC will automatically deactivate.

Ok, I see, since I work 80% of my time on the PC and only 20% of my time on the MAC, I would have to keep changing the activation, doesn’t really sound easy, does it? If there was a license for 1x PC_and _MAC, for example, at the price of 1.5 Pro licenses, then that would be just about affordable for me. But twice the price is too high for me, so I only buy 1 Pro license on the PC and continue to use the Apple Mail program. Hopefully there will be a license model in the future that covers my needs.

That is exactly how it works. You purchase a Pro license at full price for the first device, and the second costs about 50% of the full price.

So a Pro license for 1 device = £55
A Pro license for 2 devices = £82 (£55 + £27)

It becomes cheaper the more you purchase, so for example a Pro license for 10 devices is £191, not £550.

Please check it out for yourself, listed in the appropriate currency for your location.

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