Licence activation problem free version


I have an licence activation problem with the free version.

Can someone help me with this?


Can you explain what the problem is?

The error says that i violated the policy and must contact the support.

A Free license is for personal home use only. If you are using it for business, that is a violation of the license agreement. In that case, if you want to continue using eM Client, you will need to purchase a Pro license.

@Gary : Where is the definition of ‘Personal use’ and ‘Business use’?
Also, does emClient spy on its users?

From the EULA that you read and agreed to:

Business operations means using the software with any account which is not used solely for personal use. For example, use of any account that includes a domain name (e.g. which is registered to a business (or any other organization including non-profit or government organization) that is in any relation with the customer is understood as business operations.


You can read our privacy policy here.

Does that mean any domain name except gmail and other public names? I have a personal domain registrered with my hobby website and email accounts. Does that make it a ‘business account’?

If you are contesting the ban, please follow the instructions in the message that says you have violated the license policy.

I didn’t ask this question (I currently have the beta version installed, so I am not banned yet), I just want some things clarified before buying a license

Actually, seems to be true…and it is very very serious thing. It is absolutely forbidden for the software to spy users to investigate if the customer declaration are real or not. Only police can do this. Even if the domain name is registered to business, it does not imply that the email is also a business email. Unless you use AI engine for scanning the customer’s email.

Emclient can put all the limitation they want on the free version, even not offer a free version. But if they offer the free version, they CAN’T investigate themself on declaration of customers!

I think there is a serious issue on security of this software.

No, it’s not. Please read our privacy policy before commenting.

ok, so how emclient determine if I’m using it for business or private? only from the domain name?
It’s one thing if you prohibit the use of the free version with registered business domains. It is part of the agreements and is declared. Another if you use this information to do an investigation and find out whether the statement made is true or false and determine if the customer commit a violation of therms of use.

Actually, EMclient has ban the free license on the assumption of a false declaration based on some “magical” software choices.

Just to clarify: I think that Emclient worth the price, it’s not the point. The point, now, is the security of the software.

If you are contesting the ban, please follow the instructions in the message that says you have violated the license policy.

how I previusly said, EMclient worth the price (I’ve already bought my 4 licenses)…the point is only the way the free licenses were deactivated.