Let "from" column show the sender email address rather than his name?

When I look into the “from” column in the email list for a messages folder then in this column always the senders name is shown
and NOT the senders email addresses.

As you know the average email user gets dozends of spam messages a day. Even when you have a good spam filter some of them slip through
and reach your inbox.

So when I got an email from “John” or “Tatjana” I don’t know if this is spam or from real friends.
If I would see the senders email address then I would know immediately that




are spam messages

Unfortunately I found no way to let eMClient show the senders email address.
is this really not possible?

Could this additional column be added in the next release?

Thank you

If you are using the new version 7, if you go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Read, there is a box to check that says “Show email address in header.” I just tried it, and it works.


This works only for the currently marked email message shown in the right pane.

But it is NOT shown in a column in the full list of emails (one email per line).

So the question is still unanswered.


Oh, that’s too bad.  I thought you just wanted a way to see who the email was actually from with full address, but I guess you’d have to look at each one individually for this.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you change how it’s displayed in your contact list, it can show the full email.  I’ll see if I can find it.