Left margin of signature is different from that of body

I have added a signature (without margins in its format) to an email account. When I create an email, the signature is visible in the email, but with a small left margin. When I type text above, it has no or a smaller left margin than the signature.

I have tried to create a template, hoping this would add the same left margin to the body of the email, but then strangely enough the opposite occurs: the body gets a left margin while the signature has lost its left margin.

What to do?

lunes 27 febrero 2023 :: 1547hrs (UTC +0100)

I am not sure if I understand you completely, I use a signature and created a template
as below, with different point size as shown below.
The only thing I can think of is that you are using a different display format for the
signature/template and typed message.


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