Left Hand Pane features

Is it possible to alter the names and features of the sub-headings in the L.H Pane which appear under the main title of “Mail”?
I would prefer a sub-title “Accounts” rather than “Inboxes” where my two email account addresses can be displayed, followed by “Local Folders”. The inboxes, sent boxes etc could then be listed for whichever account or Local Folder is selected.
The present set up does not seem very logical and I have no idea what “Search Folders” is about.

Unfortunately you can’t rename or change the order. Sorry.

Inboxes only displays Inboxes, it does not display any other folders from your accounts. To rename it as Accounts would be incorrect. Those are displayed further down, with a separate folder tree for each account.

Local Folders will display after your accounts, if you have selected to show them.

You can find out more about Search Folders as well as other features in the Documentation (F1).