Left CTRL+SHIFT moves text left, right CTRL+SHIFT moves text right

I have nothing in Windows defined that way, in Word etc. the text does not move left or right depending on whether I press left or right CTRL+SHIFT.

But in eM Client I have to think which combination (left or right) to use to change input language, if I don’t want my text to move right (as if in a right-to-left language).

The installed languages are English US and Russian only, nothing right-to-left installed.

Any ideas?



Hello Alex,
these shortcuts for RTL, LTR direction are actually Windows feature that we adapted instead of having RTL/LTR buttons.
I’ve looked around and it seems this shortcut cannot be disabled in Windows though.
I’d suggest the default shortcut for keyboard language change ALT+SHIFT


Thanks, is there a way to ensure the behaviour is the same as other applications?
For example, Word doesn’t react to pressing left or right CTRL+SHIFT at all.
Changes the language, of course, but doesn’t move it left or right.

This feature was introduced in the last update of eM Client and is horribly frustrating. I often touch the new hotkey by accident, and it seems impossible to change it back. Please remove this new functionality. It is only making me want to change my email client to something else.

Also for some strange reason, the translation to Norwegian is horribly bad in the latest version. It seems that most words have gone through Google Translate, just even worse. A lot makes no sense at all and you can’t even guess what you can translate it to english. Please do a quality check on your norwegian translation or reuse the previous one and add any new words you’ve been using in the latest version of eM Client.

These two “bugs” really must be fixed. Thanks.

Windows does not change right to left or left to right on Word with the shortcut CTRL SHIFT. Then why here, if you have adopted the same principle? In fact no other application that I am aware of on windows does this.

I strongly dislike this feature and wish it removed or ability to disable… I somehow do this is 25% of my emails and makes me want to throw my PC… Finally at least i know how to reverse it.

Agree. 8 months later and still this function is annoying me on a daily basis. So much that I might consider finding a different e-mail client.