Launching calendar alone

hello there,

Would there be a way to only launch the calendar, instead of having to wait for the email program to load and then switch to calendar view?
It would be great to have a shortcut of sorts, just so calendar and email are treated separately.


Not really, but I have some suggestions:

  1. Once the application has loaded, you can open the calendar in a separate window. Actually, it is just a second instance of the whole application, but it allows two or more windows to be opened simultaneously. To do that, right-click on a calendar and choose Show in a new window.

  2. Use Windows Calendar. As long as the Windows Calendar and eM Client calendar are synced to the same account, you can use either of them to view and manage your events. This is the option I use and is especially useful to have a calendar in a live tile in the Windows Start menu, but have the ability to manage invites etc. though eM Client.

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