Latest version em client?

What is the latest client version that can be downloaded?
Thank you

I’m talking about the free version

8.1.108 or 8.1.106 ?? 8.1.108
Release History | eM Client

Neither. It depends on your OS.
So chose the right tab (PC Windows or MacOs).

precisely on the two links that I put
it’s for windows
logically it is 8.1.108 which seems obvious to me !!

There is no version 8.1.108

The latest Windows version available in the official Release History is 8.1.1060, and from the download page it is 8.1.1087

For Mac it is 8.1.1083

The current beta for Windows is 8.2.1147

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here you understood what I mean
which version to put ??
8.1.1060 or 8.1.1087
why are they different ??
there is one which is the last

8.1.1087 is the latest, but there is no release history that gives the changes.

ok thank you
I therefore install the 8.1.1087

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