Latest update killed MAPI

Hi there.

I am a developer who has an accounting package. One of my customers is using eM Client (at my recommendation) for their email. They have purchased it but as I don’t have their credentials to post with I’ll just use the free support forum.

The update done 2 days ago now raises an error during email generation.  After spending 8 hours reinstalling fonts, run-time libraries, MAPI DLL’s, testing with blank reports, I finally solved the issue by rolling back to the previous version of eM Client.

My customer is using eM Client solely for the purpose of email generation via MAPI, thus if these updates are required for security reasons we may need to re-examine our approach.  The MAPI error didn’t give me much, just an error 999 “Operation not yet implemented”.

Can you please confirm what could have changed to stop MAPI working?  If needed I can provide proof of purchase of your professional customer.

Thanks for you time,

Hello Jonathan,

If you/your client has a PRO licence but you don’t have the credentials to log in to our support portal, please send this problem description to my colleagues at: [email protected].


Thanks so much for replying.

It may seem the issue may not be with eM Client, at least, not exclusively so - in that it was most probably a Windows Update which broke our MAPI.  I’ll let you know what I find when I find it.  Possibly it may save someone else a few hassles! 

Ok, so here’s where I’m at now!  It most definitely was not a Windows Update (they have the service disabled), and someone there re-updated eM Client after my rollback and re-crashed the MAPI emailing!

Before fixing it again I grabbed a little information, all I really have though is version numbers.  The version which works is 7.1.31658.0 and the version which broke it is 7.1.31849.0

The actual error caused by the MAPI from Crystal Report Writer is: -
Error:999 Error in file .\invoice.rpt:
Operation not yet implemented.
Execute .


Where PEStartPrintJob is the name of the procedure in the Crystal run-time library which exports the report as a pdf, then attaching it to an outgoing email with the To, Subject & Body fields populated via the call.

I’ve asked my client, your professional customer, to contact you to confirm this issue, as I can well understand MAPI support to not be covered under Free Support! I asked them to refer to this post, thus the reason I’m continuing on this thread.

My current concern is does your latest update fix any critical security flaws in the software? In that, is this something we need to be concerned about? Obviously I would like them using the most recent version, I prefer to be future-proof happy!


Sooooooo, it most definitely, most certainly is a eM Client issue which has critically broken MAPI (being the only reason we bought eM Client).  We were forced to update as the gmail account now requires OAuth2 which is not in the eM Client version of which the MAPI works.  Are you aware of anything you have done (in regard to all the information I posted previously) which would have broken MAPI?  Would it be possible that it could be fixed?


I believe MAPI does work, but you have to set the defaults within Windows.  Go to settings/Apps/default apps/Set defaults by app and make sure MAPI is checked.

For me (using emc version 7.1.32792.0), every app that calls for the email app opens eM Client without issue.

Thanks so much for replying.  I read what I posted here and noticed I didn’t actually mention the specific error!  In the MAPI library one of the export functions is MAPIResolveName, as detailed here: -

Now I recognise that this has been depreciated, and we’re encouraged to not use it, but that was insufficient reason for eM Client to pull support of it.  Unfortunately I’m stuck with legacy code from a third-party developer and can’t change their approach to MAPI. All I can hope is to find an email client which supports all the MAPI functions, or hope eM Client restores support for this library call which is was working in version 7.0.27943.0, but not since.  (Said version doesn’t support gmail’s OAuth2.)  As I’m blocked before I can start I can’t tell what other MAPI calls are also missing.

I would enter a support ticket and see what emc’s response is.

I was thinking that - but considering they haven’t replied on this thread, nor followed up on the one raised by my client who purchased the software, I have decided to move to another email application. After all, a full team of development and support staff here can’t compete with one person concerned for their customer :wink:

I really appreciate you taking the time to help, it show a very generous attitude of which you are to be commended for.   Thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.  Keep in mind that this is primarily a user forum and while there is interaction from the eM Client staff, it is inconsistent.  I will say that every time I have filed a pro support ticket, they were very quick to respond and their support has always been appropriate.