latest eMClient, Exchange Server 2003 SP2. Couldn't get server version.

Wanted to try eMClient on our network here at the office.  However, I’m not having any luck connecting.  Just downloaded eMClient this morning.  Chose Manual configuration.  Entered correct credentials.  Won’t get past “Couldn’t get server version”.

Hello, eM Client only support Exchange servers 2007 and later with at least Service Pack 1 installed on Exchange 2007. Unfortunately you won’t be able to use the Exchange Web Services protocol with eM Client using your account hosted on Exchange 2003.

You should however be able to setup the account as IMAP in Tools > Accounts > New account > Mail > Other.


Okay thank you.

I did actually try that.  Outgoing fails.  Fixing fails

Has there been any update to this post?

I have tried  the above solution and SMTP OK but IMAP . says server not responding

Have I got an incorrect setting - what should I look for?